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Next Time Your Child Misbehaves

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Set Clear Expectations

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These 10 Scripts Will Change the Way You Parent

30 minutes of audio that will teach you to how to handle:

  • whining
  • stalling
  • screaming
  • hitting & biting
  • bolting
  • being clingy
  • ignoring
  • acting helpless
  • picky eating
  • defiance

without yelling, shaming, or using time outs so that your kids want to cooperate. Each topic includes a beautiful PDF transcript.

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Hey there!

I'm Allana Robinson, Parenting Effectiveness Coach and Child Behaviour Strategist. I work with parents of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers helping them implement non-punitive, child-centred, developmentally appropriate behaviour management so they can raise competent, confident, well-behaved kids. 

After working with children for a decade as a Developmental Specialist doing Early Intervention- I learned how to speak to children in a way that works with them instead of against them. 

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