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Creating a Calming Bedtime Routine

w/ Nic Russell

This 2-hour video Masterclass featuring Nic Russell of South East Yoga and Wellbeing is loaded with actionable steps to ease the transition from day to night for your little ones. 

In this class you'll learn: 

  • What the building blocks of a calming routine are and how to identify which strategies will work best for your toddler or preschooler so that bedtime becomes a breeze.
  • How to choose between using yoga or mindfulness with your children, what the differences are, and how to physically help your child calm their nervous system so they can drift peacefully off to sleep.
  • How using these strategies will increase your young child's overall ability to self-regulate, improve your parent/child bond, and reduce both you and your child's overall stress level.

Included in this purchase:

  • The Creating a Calming Bedtime 2-hour Masterclass hosted by Allana Robinson and Nic Russell.
  • The Creating a Calming Bedtime Slide Deck (don't worry about taking notes!)
  • The Creating a Calming Bedtime adventure guide and resource sheet to help you implement everything you've learned in the class quickly. 

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