You've followed all the advice, Googled till your eyes crossed, tried every Pinterest-inspired "hack" you can find,

but still your kids...

have totally lost their "listening ears"

Imagine being able to improve your child's behaviour without losing your ever-loving mind

oh, and did I mention it will take just 10 minutes a day?

You feel like you need to "set better boundaries", be more "consistent," and engage your child in more "structured learning activities,"


You feel like you're just barely keeping up with the latest demand for a snack, you're tired, and are running on adrenaline and coffee trying to raise well behaved (and mostly lovable) tiny humans. 

So when your little one takes forever to get things done, loses their cool, or morphs into full on Darth Toddler, it can seem impossible to know what to do to manage and correct their behaviour

Here's the surprising fact you are probably missing: Children do well if they can, and if they aren't it's because they don't have the skills to.

If all the interventions in the world aren't improving your child's behaviour- it's for one simple reason.

Behaviour management and good parenting isn't enough.

What your child needs is to master one or more of the eight core mental skills (a.k.a: executive functioning skills) required to think, feel, and act sensibly.

The challenge is that your child wasn't born with these skills.

I created the Brain Skills Play Blueprint to give your family a research-based and proven system to teach, practice, and reap the benefits of developing these skills in your child.

What is the Brain Skills Play Blueprint?

BSPB is your ticket to developing the behaviour needed to restore peace to your family life now, and to equip your child with a solid foundation they will lean on to thrive for the rest of their life.

This self-study course will bring you up to speed on exactly what executive functioning skills are, and provide simple and practical games, activities, and interaction prompts that eliminate the guess work on developing them in your child.

Imagine being able to correct your child's behaviour without any massive meltdowns

Picture this with me:

You're rushing to get out the door with your 1 and 4 year olds when it hits you: your 4 year old has put on his socks and shoes, just as you asked. His shoes even match! As you rush around throwing last minute things in the bag you ask him to help his sister with her shoes, and when you come back- they're on! The right feet! 

As he helps his sister stand up she accidentally pushes him to the ground and you see a hand fly out. You brace for the scream- but it never comes:

"UGH, Sissy, please be careful, I don't like it when you push me!" 

Is this for real? Are you DREAMING?

Pulling up to play group you remind your son that there will be children who look his age, but are much younger than him and to be kind. As you walk inside it's pure pandemonium, and you quickly retreat to your group of friends around the coffee maker. Every time a child screams you tense up and wait to hear the familiar screams of "MOM!!", but every single time it's someone else's child.

You graciously accept compliments from the other parents about how kind, sweet, and what a great leader your child is. They ask you what your secret is- just a few months ago he was barrelling over other children, hitting when he wanted a toy, and melting down when it was time to leave. 

When it comes time to leave, you give a five minute warning and ask your child to locate his shoes. You're floored to see him indicate they're together, and to the side of the gym.

As you locate your daughter and begin to gather her effects you notice your son consoling his friend who is wailing uncontrollably: his favourite toy has been broken.

"Next time" you hear him say "leave precious things at home. It's okay- calm down- you have lots of trucks."

Upon returning home your son requests a peanut butter sandwich, but you're out of his preferred bread.

"That's okay, maybe I'll just have some soup then." he replies. 

You finally feel like you can breathe- the time and effort you spend getting through a day is greatly reduced, your son is happier and more confident in his abilities, and all it took was 10 to 30 minutes of play a day! You can't wait to continue this process, and see him soar as he enters school and beyond.

Did you read that and think, "there is no way that is possible for my child?"

If so, you're in the right place. Once you join the Brain Skills Play BluePrint you'll get everything you need to understand and improve your child's lagging executive skills. Each week includes video lessons, printable PDF play plans, a skills inventory, and supply lists to take you step by step through the process of building up those mental skills- and make it fun!

Here's what we're covering in the course:

  • The Toddler/Preschool Executive Skills Inventory that will show you what skills your child excels at, and where they need much more support so you can focus your efforts on the activities that will get you the most gains the fastest.
  • You'll learn about all 8 executive skills and determine how each are affecting your child right now- and their potential long-term influence, so you can implement these skills immediately, and in the future, with confidence.
  • For each executive skill I'll a whole list and instructions for my favourite low or no cost games, activities, and daily engagement prompts (they're so simple you can even implement them while you and your kids grocery shop!) to build up each week's targeted skill.
  • You can share your successes and questions in the closed students-only Facebook group so we can troubleshoot and adapt any activity to be tailor-made to your family.

I think that we should be focusing on helping children get better at these skills early. I’m hesitant to use the word teach, because when you say teach, people have this image of children sitting like little college students in their seats with somebody lecturing at them.

Promoting these skills should involve weaving them naturally into everyday activities in school and at home in playful and fun ways!

-Adele Diamond​

When children are faced with demands and challenges- they do well if they can. If they aren't- it's because they're lacking the skills to succeed. As parents it's our duty to equip them with the tools their minds desperately need to be competent, confident, and well-behaved.

The Brain Skills Play Blueprint is the stupid-simple system to help your child's executive functioning flourish.

What exactly will you receive when you join BSPB?

Lifetime access to the members-only BSPB course site

10+ video trainings

20+ pdf printable play plans, supply lists, and toy links

Access to the closed course-only Facebook community with direct access to myself and other members for support, troubleshooting, and accountability

The Toddler/Preschool Executive Skills Inventory to determine where your child is already excelling, and where they need more support​

$250 (CAD)
one-time payment

$100 (CAD)
3 monthly payments

PLUS: Bonuses!

The Toilet Training Masterclass

1-hour video class

Supply list

Foundational Skills Checklist

Readiness Checklist

Pre-made Visual Supports

Toilet train your child in a week using the method I've used to train dozens of children!

($200 value)

Visual Supports Masterclass

11 video modules

Step by Step Tech Training

Supply List

Learn to make custom visual supports for your children to support their executive functioning skills and independence!

($120 value)

Is it Behaviour or Is It Sensory? Tantrums Decoding Workbook

8 page digital workbook

3 Steps to figuring out the root causes of your child's tantrums

Quickly make an action plan

Get to the bottom of the tantrums- once and for all!

($30 value)

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Flattering Things People Have Said About Me...

Tiffany Brewer

​Getting advice from Allana is like getting advice from your seasoned mom friend who just happens to have the exact same parenting style as you, and is also knowledgeable in child development. I am so thankful I was referred to Allana.

Working with Allana was a god send. She gave us solid foundations for the toddler years and I believe that both our marriage and our parenting experience have been significantly better and smoother because of her help.

Valentina Coco
Diane M

My oldest son was verbal speech delayed, which lead to a lot of behavioural issues (hitting, throwing, and biting) out of frustration. Allana's strategies and support were instrumental in him becoming a loving and generous preschooler who now knows how to express his feelings without hurting others.

I received some amazing advice from Allana. I had many questions regarding how to handle different behavioural situations with my 3 year old, and she taught me ways that worked. I have seen such a difference in not only my sweet boy, but myself as well!

Naomi Armstrong

Let's Break Through Those Behaviour Barriers!

$250 (CAD)
one-time payment

$100 (CAD)
3 monthly payments